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"I must also thank you for always your good service. You are a great customer service officer with professionalism and efficiency."


Christina Lew
General Manager
The Events Place










"I am not sure if you get this all the time, but seriously - Ewiim is alive because of people like you. Thank you for your exceptional service. You make a difference just by doing your job.

I moved to the USA some months ago and there has not been a single time where you have not replied to my requests promptly. I am sure even your other clients admire this in you. But they may not tell you about it. I couldn't stop myself this time and I just had to say it. I have dealt with multiple business centers in Singapore and outside of Singapore. So I am certainly in a better position to say what's good and what's not good."


Vishal Sharma
Managing Director
Leaping Vision Pte Ltd










"I found the Ewiim virtual office package perfect for acting as the Singapore front for my company while I was based overseas. Customers had a Singapore number to call, fax,
and mail to and all communication was passed on to me in a very efficient manner by the
friendly Ewiim staff."



Tom Squire
(ex. AsiaRep Management Services)










"Having been customers of Ewiim for the past 2 years, we have been very happy with the professional service provided by the efficient and friendly Ewiim team. We would recommend Ewiim to anyone requiring Virtual Office services."


James Grant Wetherill
Head of Business Development
The Corporate Information Group









"The service provided by Ewiim allows me to focus on building my business with the knowledge that I have a courteous, efficient and knowledgeable team supporting me.

I thoroughly recommend Ewiim. Well done! "



Christopher Brown Director Burr Pte Ltd http://www.burr.com.sg












"Over our time with Ewiim, their service has been excellent and their staff have been very helpful and efficient. We are able to operate very well with their administrative support. We really appreciate the warmth and smiles by their staff whenever we approach them. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great business centre!"



Andy Teo
WhiteHouse Capital Limited (United Kingdom)
Country Manager









"For approximately three years EWIIM had been responsible for collecting our
mails and fielding telephone messages. It has been reassuring to us to know
that this has been responsibly taken care of."


Linda Mathewson
Gene Aitken










"I was told to top up my petty cash account for Excelle Consulting the other day and went early to do so on last Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised that you entertained my request when it was only 0800 before your operation hours actually started.

Bravo for being so flexible and having such customer-oriented attitude and commitment. I really appreciate it. You do Ewiim proud, I am sure.
Your happy customer,!"



Boon Chye
Managing Director and Principal Consultant











"Looking back from the new 2011 year.

I would like to thank Ewiim for its professional services and kind support throughout the years since 2006.

Especially to your staff for their ever cheerful telephone messages and warm greetings even before I reach the office door!"



Clarence Tan
CTI Biotechnology Pte Ltd









"When our company was relocating in 2008, we were hoping to get an office which is of easy access and within a reputable building. After some visits to a few distinct serviced office providers, we finally found our choice at Ewiim Business Centre.

Ewiim is able to offer a comprehensive package that caters to our day to day needs as a small business operation. The staff are friendly and helpful. More importantly, the administrative support and follow-ups are always prompt and reliable.

We are happy to say that Ewiim has been a great host. Thanks to Ewiim."


Goh Heng Hoon
Ashburton Realty










" I am writing in recognition of the excellent service and assistance provided by EWIIM for 2-3 years. I am very impress by the warm hospitality, cheerful disposition and efficiency whenever I come to your office when collecting mails and packages. IT is this little service that I have no hesitation to sign up another of my subsidiary Trinitek Solutions Pte Ltd with EWIIM.

Please send my heartiest compliment to your management and staff."



Jonathan Lum
Business Development, Director
SunRice Solutions and Distributions










"It has been more than 3 years that we are with Ewiim. We would like to compliment the excellent services we received at Ewiim. There’s nothing more than praises that we have for you. Services are prompt and swift and staff is helpful, courteous and polite.

We look forward to many more years working with Ewiim and would highly recommend it to our business associates."



Seow Eng
JYC Holdings Pte Ltd











" Prompt, reliable service and good location."


Joanne Tham











" I would like to thank you for your excellent service which leads to a professional image our customer have on our company. Comparing with other service providers, Ewiim definitely edges ahead in service quality because of having professional staff like you. "


Kyin Wang
Dawang Group











"We have had complete satisfaction in our dealings with Ewiim over several years. The staff are helpful and pleasant and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services."



Norman John Hunter
Scottish Global Pte Ltd










"Ewiim has been fantastic ever since we have setup here. Their staff are approachable, professional and always willing to help with any matters with a smile on their faces. In addition, Ewiim's support services are comprehensive enough to let us focus on our core business.

The work environment is pleasant, quiet and comfortable. On top of that, Ewiim has a good central location.

They are also very competitive with their pricing, with none of the hidden fees that tends to plague the service office sector in Singapore.

The friendly staff, efficient service and great location makes selecting Ewiim for our business an easy choice.

Thanks Ewiim for making our stay great!"




Cedric Choy
 Touche Capital Limited











"Dependable. That’s how we see Ewiim. They take care of our company’s administrative tasks so that we can focus on our core competency. We no longer see them as a service provider but as a partner."



Manish Sharma
Vice President Asia Pacific
NComputing Inc














"Customer service that provided by Ewiim is superb and staffs are very responsive. Great job!"


Tan Shin Yee
Mushkin Pte Ltd (Singapore)












"Right from the start, EWIIM Pte Ltd impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.

Their understanding of our needs and their ability to keep within our company's budget was impressive. Plus they seem like a happy bunch of people which makes working with them very pleasant!

We look forward to our continuing partnership."



Gold Plus International Pte Ltd












 "Ewiim has been very consistent in the market for its professionalism and efficiency. I will strongly recommend Ewiim to my business associates."


Ben Ang
Republic Holdings












"I like to thank you for the excellent service that you provide continually to me. I really appreciate the warm hospitality, smiling expression and also your speed when I come to your office for collecting mail and using the meeting room for my customer meetings. On the whole I would say that I am extremely satisfied with EWIIM. "




Manmohan Kapur
Saprev (S) Pte Ltd













"With more than a year using EWIIM, I am extremely happy with your services. You have helpful staff. Whenever, I am expecting any parcel or mail. I can always depend on them for a prompt update. It help me to work more efficiently and have a better peace of mind. I can focus on the field to establish more business without the worry of office administration.

The experience is wonderful and I am enjoying a service no different from setting my own full scale office. Thank you very much for your help & excellent support. Best wishes."



Jackson Ng
Active Nano











"I have been using services of Ewiim for several years for multiple companies.
With courteous staff I found their services very efficient and praiseworthy."


Vishnu Bhalotia












"As Luminaries Lab is in the business of professional training and consulting services, working with stakeholders who uphold world class standards is of
priority to us. In this aspect, Ewiim scores distinction."


David Lee
 Luminaries Lab Pte Ltd.










"At Sindor Healthcare, we rely very much on expedient secretarial services provided by EWIIM staff who are well- trained and quick to respond to our customers. EWIIM staff are always pleasant to speak with and interact. They carry out their duties diligently. We recommend EWIIM without hesitation to potential companies."


Managing Director
Sindor Healthcare Pte Ltd












"Please help us thank all your staff and team members for all the help and assistance provided all this while.

We look forward to many more years ahead to work even closer with your company."



Dennis Ng
Leverage Holdings









"This is a little note to say a very big thank you to your entire Ewiim team.

The help rendered by your team during last two days made our Planning and Execution Meeting with one of our customer a success. The support we received from the team was excellent and we look forward to your continuous support. "



Sugath Rajaratnam Larkspur Technology (S) Pte Ltd










"Since moving to Singapore I have been very impressed by the extent to which EWIIM staff continue to provide services to R. W. Beck that consistently exceed our expectations.

All of the staff that we have had the pleasure to work with at EWIIM provide aboveboard personalized services that are worthy of praise.

EWIIM has repeatedly provided the extra initiative and willingness to provide extraordinary services to R. W. Beck that we view are vitally important as we continue to grow our business here in Singapore.

Please keep up the great work, we are thankful!"


Mason Wallick
R. W. Beck
International, Ltd













"The service provided by Ewiim allows me to focus on building my business with the knowledge that I have a courteous, efficient and knowledgeable team supporting me.

I thoroughly recommend Ewiim. Well done! "



Christopher Brown Director Burr Pte Ltd http://www.burr.com.sg












"Very efficient , reliable & good services!!!

Finally we would like to highlight to your management that your staff are such invaluable assets to your company. The indeed friendly and professional attitude made me signed the yearly contract for your company 's services without any hesitation....

Keep it up & many thanks. "



Citra Agustina Citra Psalmindo Singapore












"EWIIM, No.1 service provider for my company. Friendly and efficient staffs always there to assist me during my stay in Singapore or France. "



Jeffry Mamat
Creative Director
Creative Minds (Singapore/ France)












"Great location, 1st class service, definitely value for money. We would strongly recommend others to engage this excellent service provided by Ewiim "


Mr Adrian Ang
 Ehi-Passiko Training












"Excellent service. We have been very happy since we started using EWIIM. They are professional, very efficient and reliable. I would definitely recommend using Ewiim "




Rowena Morais
Flipside Pte Ltd











"I do enjoy my treatment so far from all the staff. Thank you."




Nicholas Ong
Global Resource Group













"My deep appreciation for the very warm and professional services provided by EWIIM.

Their efficiency is to a degree that doesn't warrant me a need to have my own staff nor my own office.

I appreciate the morning smiles and the evenings goodbyes.

Thanks and keep it up "



Janet Lim
OSC Ilyich Iron & Steel Works Mariupol












"I have never lost a mail nor a fax with you wonderful and friendly professionals from Ewiim. Special thanks to all the staff for responding very aptly to all our business needs. Jazztures will not have been able to start our unique gifts business without you. Thank you very much!

Do note that I really do enjoy your support. It's been a great pleasure knowing you! "


Ian Choo
Jazztures Pte Ltd












"As our business has grown, Ewiim has been there with us every step of the way. Even after all this time, they continue to go well beyond our expectations in every respect and have been an invaluable part of our team."




Aaron Stewart
General Manager Lennox & Ooi Media Pte Ltd












"Ewiim staff are friendly, attentive, efficient and personalized. They provide professional, quality service and it is a company I can trust and rely upon."



Marilyn Lim
Magic Lantern Studio Singapore











"EWIIM forms an integral part of Sindor Healthcare's value chain provision to our customers.
EWIIM's staff are, pleasant, always proactive and customer-service orientated and show a passion to being an extension of their client's business.

The girls over the phone are most courteous, helpful and professional in speaking with callers and customers. I am delighted with EWIIM and have no hesitation in recommending them."



Bala Subramaniam Director
Sindor Healthcare Pte Ltd












"The staff are always ready to greet with a smile and are meticulous in responding to my customised needs.

I would like to thank all Ewiim staff for their support and help in making it possible for Syres to have a good kickstart in Singapore."



Teo Wee Theng












"Having come from a corporate background I have found the service facilities and personalized services at Ewiim to be of the highest standard.

The comprehensive packages of services offered are first rate and allow me the flexibility to operate my business on an efficient and cost effective basis."



Francis Lu Zen
E-Solutions Pte Ltd












"We’ve enjoyed a very high standard of service from EWIIM and it’s been a pleasure working with the staff as the contact point between us and EWIIM. Always shown an amazing level of enthusiasm whether on the phone or in person. Good job!"



Eugene Yip
HyperAds Pte Ltd












"I am pleased to say the customer service is excellent and the support I’ve get is high on the scale of 9 upon 10. Good work I must say and great to receive professional service from all of you!"




Mr. James Chiang
Atoz Intertrade












"We find Ewiim’s services to be good value for money. The staff at Ewiim are professional and personable. They are always on hand to assist with any request made. We look forward to continue engaging Ewiim’s services for the foreseeable future."





SBP Academia











"Exceptional and personalize services, friendly and efficient staffs. I can’t ask for more. To all Ewiim staffs: Keep up your good work!"



Deborah Tan
Czech Design House











"I think all of you are nice cheerful people and as I said personal delivery service is good."



Edmund Baker
Unison Consulting










"I think the service from Ewiim is excellent and definitely would not hesitate to recommend Ewiim’s services, as you are all extremely professional, courteous and efficient. It is a great service for new business such as mine, just starting out in a new country."




Victoria Tabiner
RH International










"The fabulous support and service the Ewiim team provide really is a big help for fast growing businesses like ours. You help us grow our business without us having to recruit more staff ourselves. Kudos for a job well done!"



Dennis Ng
Leverage Holdings Pte Ltd












"I am entirely satisfied with your service, from the first contact to all the other cheerful girls who send me smses and greet and recognize me when I go to collect my mail. I intend to continue using your service for the coming year."





Vivien Goh
Goh Soon Tioe Music Studio












"The services provided by Ewiim has been excellent and prompt. I’m satisfied with the services so far."




Ang Chee Keong Advantech Building Services











"I would like to complement on the great level of service standards that all of you in Ewiim demonstrated during our meeting today at your business center.

All my colleagues were very happy and impressed by the exceptional level of good service you promised and delivered. Due to the nature of our operations, we conduct meetings and trainings in business centers like yourself.

Having gone to countless business centers; we are truly impressed by the great service and competitive pricing that you charge. The finger snacks that came at a nominal fee were great! The staff at Ewiim make concerted effort in making our meeting a very comfortable one by making sure we do not run out of freshly brewed coffee!

We are more than happy to come back to Ewiim for our next meeting in Singapore.

Keep up the great work!




David Hoo
LAURA ASHLEY Singapore Pte Ltd










"We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ewiim for their excellent service that the staffs have provide us. We are very pleased with the well-furnished service office and the wide range of business facilities. Thank you."




Calvin Ang
Eclips Computer System Upgrade Specialist











"We want to express our appreciation for all the assistance and warm feelings Ewiim staff has given. Your service is prompt and courteous. We were quite pleased with your serviced office facilities and with the friendly reception service that our clients experience."




Mr Mark
Lim Neo Siew Trading











"I have been with EWIIM for the past 3 months and the warm and supportive services that they provide to me was marvelous. So if you are looking at services....why not call Ewiim for your choice. WELL DONE!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"



Mr Jordan Goh
Dynamic Educare Services











"Thank you for the wonderful service that your team has provided all this while. I consider it a "cut above the rest".

Ewiim excellent secretarial and support services has greatly assisted us in our operation work. It has enable us to concentrate on the other aspect of our business. Thanks again."



Mr Khin Than Swe Managing Director Keystone Supplies & Services











"We want to express our appreciation for all the assistance and professionalism Ewiim staff has given. Your service is prompt and courteous. I would recommend Ewiim to anyone!"



Ms Jennifer Tan Puay Gek Innovata Limited












"Prestigious location, service oriented, value for money!"




Mr Michael Phua Executive Director Hospitality Management and Resources











"This is to certify that we have found EWIIM to be a service worth recommending. Through the duration of our contract with them, the staff has never failed to provide excellent, courteous and professional quality service with prompt attention to our queries and requests at all times.

We would not hesitate to recommending their services to any party..


Mr C K Ong
Auto Trend Publishing Pte Ltd










"…… I have been happy with the level of service. My mails have been handled very well and I get updated very promptly. …….so far I am a happy customer and will recommend people to use the service!"



Mr Kevin Phua
Foxtown Consulting












"…..I’ve been using Ewiim service since February 2002 and I found the service is excellent and personalized."




Ms Pauline Hoe
PG Business Associate












"……. I would like to comment that Ewiim has done a very good job in providing excellent services to a start up company like mine.

This is indeed a very efficient and cost effective solution to ease the burden of having my own offices and admin staffs.

Overall I would like to give a 5 star rating to the services I have received from Ewiim so far for the pass 5 months."




K.S. Toon
General Manager JT Universal Pte Ltd











"….. Ewiim has provided great service and is very responsive to my needs. The serviced office I rented is well-furnished with new furniture and it has provided a great working environment for me."



C. K. Chang
Director, Product Development
Nova Digital Designs












"It has been a great pleasure working with Ewiim; the staff are professional, friendly and ever ready to assist customer. I definitely have no complaints and would strongly recommend any other aspiring budding entrepreneur like myself to get a good helping hand from Ewiim."





Hui Hua
Cutting Edge Marketing












"Ewiim’s well-polished professionalism has assisted Educology in managing the flood of calls for information. I am impressed with Ewiim’s promptness and quick thinking when handling prospects and customers. Thank you Ewiim!"


Kenneth Lim
Educology Consultancy











"I am glad to be a client of EWIIM. I am impressed with EWIIM’s total concept, set in a friendly and professional ambience.

The management and staff have exceeded my expectations in providing professional services. They have been courteous, attentive and very responsive to my business needs.

I would highly recommend EWIIM to anyone who wish to use the services of a business center."




Thomas Tan Chuan Chye
International Design Management and Associates








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