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Your Outsourcing Benefits




Lower costs



Tap on "outside minds" for fresh perspectives and ideas.



More time to focus on your core business activities


Superb services by our professional team.


•  A more flexible and adaptable organizational structure





In today's globalized and competitive business environment, outsourcing has become an important management tool. It is one of the few management tools with the power to fundamentally transform organizations. More companies are fast realizing the significant benefits and are seizing the opportunities of outsourcing to have the competitive edge.

While the impact of outsourcing is expanding rapidly, the approach to outsourcing itself is moving from a hierarchical model to business process model which is a cross-functional, process-centric approach.

Today, while outsourcing is still about improving the performances and results of organizations, it is also about building the future of these organizations.

Main Benefits include :

  1. You will profit from very significant cost savings immediately.

  2. You can tap the best minds outside your company for fresh perspectives, new ideas and solutions.

  3. You will have more time to attend to your core business activities and this will further enhance the competitiveness of your core competencies.

  4. You will have the advantage of better skills and resources provided by our professional team to give you and your customers better services.

  5. You will have a more flexible and adaptable organizational structure as a result of re-engineering by outsourcing.

Our range of outsourcing activities and facilities include :

Call Centre Services

As a Call Centre (Contact Centre), handling all your telephone calls, enquiries, feedbacks, etc. Answering all calls in your company name.

  • Direct number – A dedicated personal number

  • Live Secretary – Answering all calls in your company’s name

  • Convey Message – Immediate conveying of messages to you via phone, or email

  • Call Transfer – Immediate transfer of your telephone calls to your mobile or local telephone number

  • Registered / Correspondence Office Address – for your marketing materials, namecards, letterheads, etc.

  • Mailing Services - you will be informed of all incoming mails by phone, email, and forward to you by post

  • As your Sales Team, marketing and selling your products / services.

  • Handle telemarketing to sell your products / services

Interview & Appointment Scheduling

  • Products and services information

Administrative Support Services

  • Administrative work

  • Any data entry work

  • Handle your Customer Service activities

  • As your Information Centre or Collection Centre

  • Sending invites and responding to invitations

  • Collect payments by cash or cheques

  • Bank in all cash and cheques received on your behalf into your designated bank accounts

Customer / Client Service Training

  • For new and current Frontline Staff

Executive Coaching

  • One-on-one executive coaching for Middle to Senior Management

Executive Search Services

  • Provided by our associate, Dave Chong Associates, a Middle to Senior Management Executive Search firm (MOM Licence No. 16S8059)


  1. As your city office for service and / or information centre

  2. Serviced office rooms 

  3. All office equipment, computers and technologically advanced training / presentation equipment.

Call 6838 0008 for our Consultant to give you more details and see how we can be of service to you.


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